Why write a book?

Toward the end of 2009, depending on who you listened to, climate science was either "the greatest moral issue of our time", or "the science is highly contentious to say the least". With such
 divergent public views, many non-scientific friends asked my opinion because I am a scientist, albeit a geologist with no prior involvement in climate.

Well, precisely because I am a scientist I was not going to voice an opinion until I knew what it was the climate scientists were actually saying. Over the next two years I found out, and so I wrote this book for my friends and for any enquiring reader. I have avoided the use of scientific jargon to provide a reader‐friendly explanation of the science of climate change. It is concise but comprehensive and richly illustrated with a wealth of full-colour figures and photographs. A Short Introduction to Climate Change is essential reading for anyone who has an interest in climate science and the future of our planet.

It is not a text book, but if you are thinking of studying climate science, this book would be a perfect starting point.

Climate Denial  Some examples of deceptive climate writings

Comments include:

"A readable, non-technical and fascinating overview of the global warming problem by a leading Australian geologist. This review provides an authoritative and convincing demonstation of the magnitude and seriousness of this problem." - Tom Wigley (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and former director of the Hadley Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.)

"The modest title of this book doesn't do justice to what is inside - an exceptionally lucid account of the basic science of climate change, often placing contemporary changes in the context of long-term natural variations. The way the book is written provides clear insights for non-specialists into how scientists probe into the workings of the climate system and why we have confidence in what we know. Given the confusion and misinformation on climate change in the public arena, be sure to read Chapter 11 on climate denial and the shonky "science" that denial is based on. This chapter is a gem. - Will Steffen (Australian National University & member of the Australian Government Climate Commission)

"I want to congratulate the author ... and advise that I will buy a copy and make my 12 year old read it since I reckon Eggleton is explaining things more clearly and more effectively than I commonly do." Un-named, modest, climate scientist reviewer.