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Climate Denial

By the end of the 20th century it had become obvious to scientists that the Earth's average temperature had been slowly rising over the past 100 years or more. Our politicians recognized and accepted the science. So did the fossil fuel industry, and from it came a barrage of misinformation, designed to throw doubt into the mind of our generally unscientific politicians. And it worked.

Since then a compliant Press has made it apparent that there are two groups of climate scientists, one arguing that burning fossil fuels is changing the global climate through increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the other side disputing all, or parts of that hypothesis.

This site describes several of the misleading approaches to climate science and climate change. The topics linked below are written to help anybody who has been flummoxed or confused by the apparent contradictions coming from different "authorities" or from different political bodies.

Behind denial - the many facets of climate science, the variety of scientific disciplines involved and the conspiracy theorists.

Commonsense - obvious at first glance, not so when properly investigated.

Urban heat islands - are temperature measurements unreliable? See what scientific skeptics discovered.

Cherry-pick - many denialist arguments select just a few bits of information. Here is one such example.

The conjuring trick - setting up the answer you want using a false premise to your question.

Cooling began in 1998 - one swallow does not make a summer, and a short burst of cooler years did not presage falling temperatures

Volcanoes did it! - no they didn't, we did it.

Natural variation - if today's global warming is natural, what is the natural cause? Climate is not like a Greek God, capricious. It only ever changed for a reason.

Climate reality - we have changed the Earth by burning fossil fuels. We can fix it, but at a cost. Sooner will be cheaper.