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Record snowfalls prove the Earth is not warming

Another trick is to appeal to "common sense". We all know we have loads of that, and readily accept an argument that simply asks us to be sensible. For example record snowfall in London or New York is hardly what you would expect from global warming? This is a really good trick because it is so obvious that global warming isn’t going to create record snowfalls and freezing temperatures. But like many of the misleading arguments of the climate deniers, this one ignores the complexities of weather, singles out a notable event and implies this one is enough to counter the multitude of observations that demonstrate the overall warming of the planet.

The explanation unfortunately is not simple, which is why commonsense leads you astray. Global warming has resulted in a slowing of the jet stream, the 150 km/hr high altitude winds that move the low pressure systems from west to east. Slowing the jet stream lets Arctic air masses hang around in one place for a day or two longer than they used to. Add to that the increased water vapour that warmer air can hold, and you can get longer and heavier snow or rain falls during the winter. All a direct and predictable, if complex, result of warming the Earth's atmosphere.

Common sense also tells you the Earth is flat.