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Natural variation

It is all part of natural variation

The most common argument, not against global warming but against our involvement in causing it is "but the climate has always changed". Very true, it has. The trouble with that spurious argument is two-fold. First, and most critically, those changes of the past were slow, slow, slow. At the fastest, climbing out of the last ice age 25 thousand years ago, the global temperature rose at about 1 degree every two thousand years. For the last 30 years it has risen at 1.7°C per hundred years, more than 30 times faster than "natural variation" at its highest.

Why this sharp temperature rise? Climate change of the past always had a reason - be it astronomical, such as produced the ice ages, or a change in the Sun's output, changes in the positions of the continents redirecting ocean currents, or changes in the Earth's reflectivity or atmosphere. Astronomers find no evidence that the Sun's output or the Earth's orbit has changed. The Earth's reflectivity didn't suddenly drop early in the 20th century thereby trapping more heat. Continental drift has stayed at a majestic 5 to 10 cm a year and not interfered with the ocean currents. There has been a change in the atmosphere though. If the increase in greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide increase by 40%, is not the explanation, what reason can you produce Prof Plimer, Doc Brady, Mal Roberts, Jo Nova, Chris Monckton, Gerry Murphy, old uncle Ton Abbott and all.... ?