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Volcanoes did it!

Rising CO2 has a natural source - volcanoes

An example of outright ignorance can be seen in the writings of Plimer and Carter, who claimed that rising carbon dioxide was coming from volcanoes. “Volcanoes add far more carbon dioxide to the oceans and atmosphere than humans” wrote Plimer in 2009. This as written is true; volcanoes add no humans to the atmosphere. But the evidence from vulcanologists is clear and quite different, and  geologist Plimer should have known and understood that part of science. Volcanoes overall probably add as much as 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year. Burning fossil fuel, cement manufacture and land clearing adds more than 35 BILLION tonnes. Almost a hundred times as much as all the world’s volcanoes combined. To put it another way, for volcanic carbon dioxide to even match human-sourced carbon dioxide, let alone exceed it, there would have to be 100 unknown volcanoes on earth for every ONE known volcano. These are not easy things to hide.

In this case a clearly false statement presented as fact.